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How To Prepare For A Tattoo (Complete Checklist)

Getting a new tattoo is an important decision, and it’s essential to prepare correctly. You must take care of your body beforehand. You must also decide the style and design of your tattoo, and understand the tattoo process. Follow this to-do list to ensure that your experience getting a new tattoo is fun, enjoyable and painless. Here is a complete checklist to make sure you are 100% ready the day you step into the tattoo shop.

  • Choosing A Tattoo

Tattoos are unique expressions of who you are, so it is important to consider why you want a tattoo and what you want it to represent. A tattoo is a permanent decision, and a great opportunity to express yourself artistically. It’s important to consider the design, style and color of your new tattoo before you step into the shop. If you want a tattoo with images or text, make sure you have a picture to show your tattoo artist.

  • Discuss Style, Color, and Design

Once you have a rough idea for your new tattoo, bring it into the tattoo shop to discuss design options with your artist. You want to establish whether your tattoo artist can do the specific style you want, and fine tune the details of your tattoo. You can show them an image and have them sketch out a design to bring your dream tattoo to life. It is important to remember that colors fade out over time, so consider how your tattoo will look a couple of years later. Once they create a mock-up of your tattoo, it is time to discuss placement.

  • Choose The Placement 

It’s crucial to discuss sizing and placement with your artist. This is to make sure your tattoo will blend well with your skin tone. Deciding tattoo placement is important, and influences the pain levels of your tattoo. If you want to get your tattoo in a tender place (i.e. foot, inside arms, thighs or ribs) these locations can hurt more than other alternatives. If you’re in love with the placement, and excited about your tattoo, it will be worth it in the end.

  • What To Do Before You Get Your Tattoo

Before you make your appointment with the tattoo shop, don’t take any ibuprofen or Advil, or drink alcohol for 24 hours before your tattoo. Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated, and make sure to eat a full meal that keeps you energized for several hours. You will want a good meal so that your body can remain strong throughout the tattoo process. Keep your skin moisturized several days before your tattoo appointment to take care of your skin. Make sure to have a good night’s sleep and rest your body for the big day.

  • What You Should You Wear

When planning your outfit for the tattoo shop, make sure to place comfort over style. You want to have a comfortable, loose outfit, especially if you have a long tattoo session. If you are getting a tattoo in a location that’s not easily accessible, make sure to wear loose clothes so that your tattoo artist can have access. For example, if you are getting a tattoo on your arm, wear a short sleeve shirt or tank top.

  •  During The Tattoo Session

So what should you expect during the tattoo session? You will have to fill out paperwork, and then your tattoo artist will disinfect and shave the area, and prepare your tattoo stencil. Then they’ll get started tattooing you. Once they’re done they’ll wrap it up and explain after care tips. If you have a long tattoo session, you can ask your tattoo artist for a break to have a small snack. A granola bar, fruit, peanuts, or crackers are great snacks for long tattoo sessions. You can also watch TV or bring your phone to entertain yourself during the session.

  • Going Home With Your New Tattoo

After you get your new tattoo, you will most likely be excited and want to show everyone your new tattoo. Make sure to follow your tattoo artists instructions to correctly care for your tattoo. This next stage is critical to make sure your body safely recovers, and that you don’t get any infections or bacteria in your new tattoo. 

Follow these tattoo tips and tricks to ensure that your tattoo process is seamless and painless. Good luck, and soon you will be enjoying your brand new professional tattoo. I look forward to tattooing you!

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