Nicholas “DEVO1” Rogalski

DEVO1 has built a career for himself over the past 15 years as an aerosol muralist, all mediums, mixed media illustrator, designer and tattoo artist. He continues to balance his focus between art & tattoo work. He has a passion and love for every form of artistic expression, and is always looking for new ways to expand.

Nicholas Rogalski AKA DEVO1 was born in Tucson, Arizona. His first mural was in his parents’ hallway when he was only 3 years old. At 14, he made a full spectrum painting in his bedroom without his parent’s knowledge. This sparked his devotion to art’s many mediums.

Art is his comfort zone, and allows him to constantly grow and evolve. His art allows him to express himself deeper than spoken or signed language ever has.

More About DEVO1

He was born completely deaf and has experienced many obstacles in pursuit of his dreams, but never backed down. After high school he was a web / graphic designer for about 7 years. Even though he was exceptional at what he did, it wasn’t his true calling. On a whim, he decided to show his years worth of artwork to Dennis Dwyer and was instantly offered an apprenticeship.

He completed a thorough apprenticeship and learned the ins and outs of tattooing. For the past 9 years, he has completely focused on art and continues to break boundaries in the art world everyday. He is constantly expanding his horizons and in pursuit of making permanent one of a kind art.

He specializes in photo realism, cartoons, black and grey, but most of all, custom designs. It’s his goal to create a one of a kind tattoo for all his clients. One they’ll proudly wear for the rest of their lives. He is continually striving to perfect his skills and to provide custom, quality tattoos.

Lastly, he would like to thank all his amazing family, friends, artist friends and clients who have supported him throughout his journey to become one of the best tattoo artist.

He currently working at Evolving Ink Studio in Tucson, Arizona

Clients Says

Love my tattoo! Nick made every effort to create exactly what I wanted and that I am happy. He is very talented and I feel like my tattoo is unique and original. Kim Doucette

Absolutely amazing, he did such a great job helping me understand everything since this is the first big project I have done! Jason Perron